Merry Christmas in Heaven

Merry Christmas in Heaven. I thought of you today, well truth be known, I think about you everyday! 

Christmas this year seems a little harder than before. Is it because I’m getting older? and it’s getting harder to remember the Christmas’ we had! That makes me sad!

But I know part of me will always remember the traditions we had. My favourite one was making peanut brittle  on Christmas Eve. And of course the dressing for the turkey. I will forever remember Mom yelling at us to get out of it or there wouldn’t be any left for the turkey! Oh well lol! Dressing is still my favourite part of any holiday! I will also always remember, colouring books & crayons, etch o sketches & slinkies, candy canes & chicken bones, homemade mitts & socks but most of all I will always remember you waiting for everyone to come home! Cause after all that’s the most important part of Christmas, family! 

Missing all of you so very much! 

Merry Christmas in heaven, Mom & Dad, Donna, Robbie, Uncle, Aunt Ella, Grandma Bosley. You made Christmas!

And Merry Christmas in heaven to my remaining Grandparents, Aunt and friends.

Love Shar xo


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